Throughout the summer, we’re introducing a new blog series that will formally introduce you to our own Dr. Gregory Plancich’s three children: Brett, Madison, and Bryce. We interviewed Madison Plancich first, a young professional born in Tacoma, who loves the Northwest and spending time with her family.

Madison Plancich is the only daughter of Dr. Plancich. Madison is twenty-five years old, an age that she jokes is, “…old enough to do everything and smart enough to know better.”

Madison Plancich, daughter of Dr. Plancich
Bryce, Brett and Madison Plancich

She has an older and a younger brother, who both live nearby in Washington. Her older brother is a recent medical school graduate and he’s now doing his residency at Virginia Mason. He recently married as well, and Madison was thrilled to welcome her new sister-in-law to the family, who just happens to be a close friend and fellow member of the Tri-Delta sorority. Madison initially set the two up on a date, and they’ve been together ever since. The two sisters-in-law love to bake together whenever their busy schedules allow.

Madison’s younger brother is currently attending dental school at the University of Washington, where Madison graduated in 2013 from Fosters School of Business with a focus in marketing.

Long before earning her degree, Madison was in relentless pursuit of her dream. She made great connections as a Tri-Delt legacy, and took full advantage of the incredible marketing and research program at UW. Multiple internships grew her network and Madison gained the experience she needed to transition to a career.

Madison’s savvy in digital marketing earned her first career job, at a start-up company where she focused on strengthening social media platforms. After four years and a company rebrand, she was ready for a change. The timing was perfect this year when a job opportunity opened up at Yesler, a marketing agency in downtown Seattle.

Madison now works at Yesler as a Social Media Manager, which she considers her dream job. Madison believes that her father’s example and work ethic translate to any industry, and she has used this as an ongoing source of motivation.

Currently, her goal is to gain a deeper understanding of her clients, as well as to grow their social media presence. She would also like to meet more of the people she works with, and contribute to team goals in addition to her own.

At Plancich Dental, our commitment to family is apparent in Madison’s relationship with those closest to her. Over the past few weekends Madison and her family have spent quality time together, celebrating the fourth of July at their house on Lake St. Clair, and gathering again for Madison’s birthday. She is looking forward to the upcoming Husky football season, and the annual family tailgates that follow.

Plancich Dental wants you to know that like Madison, you are a part of our family. We love to support our community, and that includes you! Call us at (253) 272-7400 to schedule an appointment today.