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Is It My Fault My Kids Have Cavities?

You've just left the dentist's office, and the news isn't what you hoped for – your child has cavities. As a caregiver, this news can make you feel a tidal wave of emotions, and it's not uncommon to wonder, "is it my fault my kids have cavities?"

8 Common Oral Health and Dental Problems in Children

Although your child's baby teeth will eventually fall out, making way for their permanent teeth, it's important to remember that proper dental care and oral hygiene are no less imperative. Understand the 8 most common oral health problems children face and how to prevent them.

Why Do Your Bottom Teeth Hurt?

If you’re experiencing discomfort or pain in your bottom teeth it can be a bothersome and alarming issue, affecting your daily life and even your overall oral health.

Community Story

Dr. Gregory Plancich’s 2017 Guatemala Mission Trip | Open Wide Foundation

Since 2013, Dr. Gregory Plancich and Dr. Bryce Plancich have traveled to Guatemala to provide oral health care to those in need.

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