Root Canal Treatment

Are you dealing with persistent toothache? If you’ve ever had a cavity, you know from experience that symptoms can range from moderate discomfort to severe pain. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s important to seek treatment right away; delayed treatment can cause the tooth to become infected. Sometimes a temporary filling will do the job, but we might need to explore other treatment options.

To treat an infected tooth, we may recommend root canal therapy. A root canal is a normal dental procedure that allows us to remove infected tissue and preserve the patient’s natural tooth.

A patient may feel anxious about getting a root canal, but with the help of an experienced endodontist, a dentist who specializes in diagnosing and treating tooth pain, a patient’s anxiety and fear can be relieved — along with their toothache.


What is a root canal?

Depending on what your symptoms and your X-ray tell us, we may recommend root canal therapy. This is a routine endodontic treatment and a normal part of dental care. After we apply the anesthetic, we access the tooth’s root by using a special drill. In the deep part of the tooth, the tooth’s root, we find the diseased dental pulp and remove it. In every case, we try to save the patient’s natural tooth. If there’s little natural tooth left, we install a robust, authentic dental crown so the patient can chew effectively and walk away with a confident, beautiful smile.


We offer root canals in Tacoma and Lakewood

We’re proud to call Tacoma our home. If you’re seeking root canal therapy or other dental procedures in the Tacoma area, we offer two convenient locations: Old Town (Tacoma) and Lakewood Town Center (Lakewood). You can contact us to easily schedule an appointment by visiting our contact page here.


Will I need a crown?

Many procedures require a crown to cap the remaining part of the tooth, but this may not be true of your tooth. If the infected tooth is near the back of the mouth — a molar or premolar — it’s likely that a crown will be necessary; the crown will add strength and support to the mouth for movements involving a lot of pressure, like chewing and grinding.

In some instances, a crown may not be necessary. Teeth near the front of the mouth — canines and incisors — may be left uncapped (depending on the amount of damage in the tooth prior to the root canal procedure).


What are the risks of root canal treatment?

While no procedure is without some risk, root canal therapy is a longstanding, effective treatment used and vetted by countless endodontists around the world. Some risks might include:

  • Lingering, infected tissue that could lead to the development of abscess
  • Infected material that may have survived the antibiotics
  • Damage to side canals

Take these risks into consideration when deciding whether to continue with root canal therapy. Remember that while no procedure is guaranteed, chances of failure are substantially diminished with the proper tools, education and experience. At Plancich Dental and Lakes Dentistry, we stand firmly on these pillars to provide the highest standard in integrated dentistry at the deepest level of care.


Can any Tacoma-based dentist do root canals?

No, but we can. It takes a root canal specialist (endodontist) to perform root canals. General dentists perform some complex procedures, such as tooth extractions, but they should never perform a root canal. Plancich Dental and Lakes Dentistry practice a model of integrated dentistry, which allows our patients to receive holistic care — ranging from root canals to Invisalign® — all from our two convenient Tacoma-based locations.


How do I start?

Getting started with us is as simple as requesting an appointment. One of our scheduling coordinators will be in touch with you as soon as possible. If you prefer to call, you can reach a scheduling coordinator at 253-272-7400.

If you suspect you may need a root canal, you couldn’t make a better choice than Plancich Dental and Lakes Dentistry. We’re committed to providing integrated dentistry for the whole family so you can confidently care for your oral health and love your smile.


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