Treat someone you know to happy and healthy smile this holiday season! Dental holiday gifts are a super useful gift to give or receive from a loved one. They are one of the most enduring, providing value and assistance far into the new year, and even beyond! 

Unlike eggnog or candy canes, oral hygiene and holistic dental care are in style all year round. To help you find the best dental gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, your friends here at Plancich Dental have put together a list of great options for everyone to help prioritize dental health in 2020. 

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are perhaps the most advanced innovation to come out of the dental industry. By digitizing many of the functions of a manual toothbrush, including the actual brushing through rapid vibrations, electric toothbrushes are the next evolution in brushing technology. Most models come with built-in timers which help to ensure that you brush for at least two minutes every time. While it may be a little more expensive, an electric toothbrush lasts far longer than a manual one. They help reduce your waste output and provide a superior clean. Both of which are key aspects of holistic dental care! If you’re looking for the best, American Dental Association-approved electric toothbrushes this holiday season, check out this list


For many people, flossing is the line that can’t be crossed in regards to holistic dental care. Whether it’s due to a lack of time, or lack of effort, many people give voice to the difficulties they have when it comes to making the commitment to flossing. A waterpik is the perfect tool to change that, giving you all of the benefits of flossing without nearly as much hassle. A waterpik uses a high-pressure water jet to help dislodge bits of food stuck in your teeth. Overall, helping to prevent plaque build-up. It’s an amazing investment in for long term, holistic dental care.  

Dental Diet Books 

Finding healthy recipes that are good for your dental health can be difficult, but it’s a crucial part of holistic dental care. One of the best holiday gifts to help solve this problem is a diet book that puts dental health at its core. Among the options available, one of the best is The Dental Diet, by Dr. Stephen Lin. Combining research with practical tips, this book offers you many easy ways to build holistic dental care into your lifestyle, benefitting whoever reads it.  


If you’re interested in other dental holiday gift ideas, or just in need of a check-up, contact your Tacoma dentistry specialists at Plancich Dental today!