Whether you’re celebrating years of marriage or a first date this Valentine’s Day, something that can be sure to ruin your special day is bad breath. No matter whether you’re leaning in for a kiss, sitting together for a long time at a movie or concert, or enjoying a delicious meal, bad breath is one of those absolute deal breakers for most people.

Bad breath is just one of the symptoms of overall poor dental health, and your romantic life is just one of several places affected. Your professional life, friendships, and of course your own health all suffer when you neglect your mouth and teeth. To help you thrive in all of these areas, we’ve put together a list of reasons why oral health is crucial, and how it can improve your life, through the lens of your relationship.

How Oral Health Issues Can Affect Your Relationship

For many people, poor oral health is just one offshoot of an overall lack of attention to their body. When it comes to the consequences of poor oral health on your relationship, these play out in three levels:

  • Primary: At the base level, poor oral health plays out in symptoms like bad breath and others, which are less than appealing to the majority of people. You can mask these symptoms with stopgaps like gum or mints, but it won’t get rid of the problem.
  • Secondary: This level is the long term outcomes of neglecting your oral health, like gingivitis or oral cancer. While not always as noticeable as bad breath, these consequences are far more devastating to your long term health.
  • Tertiary: This is an even more abstract level, showing your romantic partner that you don’t take care of yourself. They may extrapolate this to other aspects of your life, coming to view you as unreliable or inconsiderate of your own needs.

How Dental Health Can Boost Your Relationship

Prioritizing your dental health can bring you closer to your romantic partner in many ways. Along with ridding yourself of the primary, secondary, and tertiary consequences listed above, focusing on your dental health can give you the confidence to let your personality shine. By not having to worry about simple fixes like bad breath, you can focus more on painting yourself in the best light for your romantic partner. 

Get Dental Gear For Yourself, Not Your Valentine

Getting your own dental health in order is inspiring, but forcing that burden on someone else can be taken as an insult. In order to avoid this awkward situation, why not contact the team at Plancich Dental today, for a holistic dental check-up. We can get your oral health sorted out in time for Valentine’s Day!