It’s hard to believe that it is already time for the holiday season! Between shopping, events and family gatherings, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year for many families. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with busy schedules and put your oral hygiene in the backseat.

Our team at Plancich Dental have put together a few helpful tips to get your teeth ready for the holidays.

Holiday party decorations on table

Moderate Your Sweets Intake

Between cookies, candy canes, pie and hot cocoa, the amount of sugar consumed during the holidays can easily lead to plaque and cavities. We recommend limiting the amount that you eat and avoid chewy and hard candies. Brushing frequently and drinking water immediately after eating sweets can help fight against the sugar intake, and overall keep your mouth feeling fresh and healthy.

Travel-Sized Kits Are Your Best Friend

Holiday plans can often take you and your family out of town. It is important to pack everything necessary to maintain your oral care routine. You can purchase travel-size toiletries at almost any drug store or airport gift shop. Read more about taking care of your teeth while traveling here.

Repair Your Smile

Whether it’s group shot or a selfie, we all love to snap photos during the holidays.  Having a bright and healthy smile is the best accessory you can wear to any celebration. Consider making an appointment to speak with your  Tacoma dentist about cosmetic dentistry to help repair your smile, and get back your showing off your pearly whites during this holiday season.

Schedule an Appointment at Your Tacoma Family Dentistry

If you want any additional information in protecting your teeth this upcoming holiday season, contact our Tacoma dental clinic today. Our dedicated team at Plancich Dental is here to help get your teeth healthy and shining bright for the holidays.

After the holidays are over, make an appointment for the whole family to visit the dentist for check-ups or cleanings for the New Year. A professional cleaning can help reduce the effects that holiday eating had on your teeth, and your dentist can help in identifying any other problems.