Fall is in full swing, and that can mean bad things for your teeth. Whether you’re into tossing back Pumpkin Spice Lattes like it’s your day job or sneaking a fistful of your kid’s Halloween candy while they’re sleeping, fall is a time of great temptation for the sweet-toothed among us. However, there are ways to combat cavities without having to sacrifice the soothing warmth of a hot drink on a crisp day. The Halloween problem is a bit more of an issue, but you’re definitely not alone. Here are three tips to help keep your teeth clean and strong during these times of temptation.



Both coffee and black tea are notorious teeth-stainers, so it’s important to recognize their negative effects on your smile, as the weather cools and you begin to drink more of both. There are a few ways to keep your pearly whites just so, without sacrificing warmth. Always drink a glass of water after a mug of coffee or black tea, to help rinse your teeth before the staining effect have time to set in. Also, consider drinking green or herbal teas instead of black, because they don’t stain as bad. They also stimulate saliva production to help fight stains. As strange as it may sound, using a straw for your hot drink will help the liquid bypass your teeth entirely, to further prevent staining.


Healthier Sweeteners

Whether you’re enjoying a hot chocolate or latte, it’s important to be aware of the sugar content of your drink. Many warm fall drinks come loaded with sugar, but this can often slip under our radar. Instead of loading up your coffee or tea with sugar, try a healthier sweetening option like Stevia, to help keep reduce the impact of damaging bacteria that feed off of the sugar in your mouth.


Bring Back Warm Milk

Is it time for a renewal of a timeless childhood tradition? When it’s time to settle down for the night, consider switching your evening tea to a glass of warm milk. Regardless of its potential to induce sleep in toddlers, milk is shown to contain proteins called caseins, which fuse to leave a protective layer on your teeth.

Even with all of these tips, booking a post-Halloween cleaning is always a great idea. Why not counteract the effects as quickly as possible by coming in for a cleaning, so that any negative impact from an accidental sugar binge isn’t allowed to linger, which is when the real damage is done. Contact Plancich Dental today, to book an appointment with our dedicated team of caring professionals.