October is Dental Hygiene Month!

What if we told you that October was the celebration of something that could save you money, as well as keep your teeth healthy and beautiful? Well, here it is -- October is Dental Hygiene Month, so buckle up, because we’ve got some great tips and knowledge to share about your teeth!

Keeping Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During the Halloween Season

Dental health is an ongoing challenge for any parent, especially for those with young children. Once a year, an even bigger challenge comes along Halloween. Celebration and advertising for this holiday, from a dental perspective, is a parent’s worst nightmare, encouraging us to indulge our ‘sweet tooth.’

4 Unsuspecting Foods that are Bad for Your Teeth

Eating a healthy diet that gives you all of the proper nutrients can be tough enough on its own, but what happens when you also have to consider the consequences of your diet on your dental health?

As Family Legacy Continues, Tacoma Family Dental Practice Grows

On January 1, 2019, Dr. Gregory Plancich of Plancich Dental took over ownership of Lakes Dentistry in Lakewood, WA.

3 Tips for Finding Your New Dentist

Without past positive dental experiences to draw from, it can be really difficult to figure out how to choose your new dentist. That’s why we’re offering up some tips to help you find a new dentist.

Top Dentist-Recommended Snacks for Wherever Summer Takes You

Who doesn’t love a delicious summer BBQ? It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of the season but neglecting the fact that your teeth are affected by the food you eat can land you in the dentist’s office for a not-so-fun visit. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of some of the best snacks to munch on this summer, so that your teeth don’t pay the price

It’s Root Canal Awareness Week!

May 6 - 12 is Root Canal Awareness week! Root canals have a reputation as one of the most painful and invasive dental procedures, something that everything is trying to avoid. Now is the perfect time to learn about what a root canal is and how to avoid the need for a root canal.