If you’re looking to get a better smile, your at-home options can seem pretty limited. While there are crucial steps you can take, like regular brushing, home whitening strips, and avoiding staining drinks like coffee or red wine, these can only take you so far. If you want to see results that lead to a healthier, brighter, happier-looking smile, your best bet is finding an integrative dentist who will act as a partner to reach your dental goals. 


What is Integrative Dentistry?

Integrative dentistry goes beyond the traditional dentist-patient relationship, beyond the traditional dental services available, and beyond the scope of traditional dental health protocols. This movement is a response to the recognition that your oral health consists of more than just brushing, flossing, and semi-annual dentist visits. An integrative dentist develops a relationship with you as a patient, to better understand the specific oral health issues you’re battling. 


Beyond this personal relationship and care, integrative dentistry brings in a wide range of health and cosmetic dental procedures, to help optimize your oral health. These procedures, more of which will be outlined below, are some of the most effective steps you can take toward a healthier, better smile. Along with these procedures, integrative dentists help show you how your lifestyle factors affect your oral health. Combining a healthy lifestyle with the correct dentistry procedures is a nearly guaranteed route to the smile of your dreams. 


Let’s take a look at some of the integrated and cosmetic dentistry options offered at Plancich Dental!

Dental Implants 

Dental implants act as the foundation for a number of dental procedures. These implants are anchored on either to the jawbone or an attached support, to give them the utmost security. Whether you’re in need of an artificial tooth, a permanent bridge, or even some types of dentures, dental implants are the first step in getting these additions secured in your mouth. 

Because of this fairly invasive nature, dental implants are a surgical operation. Along with anesthesia during, and antibiotics following the surgery, it’s vital that these implants be kept extremely clean over the long term. Having this type of oral surgery is a big commitment, so you want to ensure that it results in lasting success. Contact our team today to see if you’re a good candidate for dental implants!  


Porcelain Onlays 

To best understand a porcelain dental onlay, think of it as middle ground between a crown and a filling. If you’ve got a tooth that frequently requires filling, but aren’t being advised to get a crown on it, an onlay might be your best option. An onlay’s value comes from its ability to strengthen the tooth. Fillings mitigate damage, but leave your tooth weakened. This small feature can make for a huge difference in the quality of your dental health care. Onlays also look quite natural, nearly


 undetectable, because they cover the biting surface of the tooth. Your integrative dentist can then color match with the existing tooth, leaving your onlay as your little secret.


Veneers are a masterpiece of modern dental technology. They can take even the most aesthetically challenged teeth and make them look pristine. Think of veneers as a fresh layer of pavement over a road that was previously littered with potholes and bumps, discolorations and crookedness. They have excellent longevity too, with resistance against even the most notorious teeth-stainers, like coffee, tea, and tobacco. 


This type of makeover for your mouth requires some preparation, in order to properly fit the veneers to your teeth. These appointments include diagnosis and treatment planning, preparation, and bonding. If you’re interested in veneers, contact our team today!  



While they may be one of the most effective paths to an amazing new smile, most people fear getting braces, especially as an adult. They’re painful, a hassle for eating, and far from the prettiest sight. However, most of these problems have been solved by Invisalign. These nearly invisible molds have the same effectiveness as braces, without any of the clunky, unappealing metal installation required by traditional braces. By switching between these removable molds roughly 18-30 times over 9-15 months, your teeth will attain the same perfection as braces, without the hassle.  


If you or someone in your family is interested in unlocking the possibilities of integrated dentistry procedures, or just want to come in for a regular cleaning, give Plancich Dental a call today. We are one of the premier holistic dentist practices in the South Sound area!