According to the American Dental Association, a child should have their first dental visit within six months of their first tooth developing and no later than their first birthday. While this may seem a little early, cavities can begin to develop as soon as teeth appear. Therefore, it is important to schedule your child an appointment at Plancich Dental as soon as possible.

The first trip to the dentist may be nerve wrecking for the parent and scary for the child. But have no fear! At Plancich Dental, our caring and compassionate staff will ensure that both you and your child have smooth first visit.

Dr. Plancich with baby and mom

Preparing for Your Child’s Appointment

To prepare for your child’s first appointment, explain to them what’s going to happen to help ease any fears. Preventing any anxieties associated with dental visits is important for future oral health. We recommend reading books to your child about visiting the dentist.

Here are examples of books that we suggest:

As a parent, your attitude towards the dentist can heavily impact how your child feels. We recommend filling out any necessary paperwork ahead of time before the appointment. This will allow you time to relax and focus on your child. Also, if you have questions or concerns, prepare a list ahead of time to ask Dr. Plancich during the visit. 

During the Visit at Plancich Dental

During the appointment, you will be with your child the whole time. Dr. Plancich will then examine your child’s mouth to make sure their jaw and teeth are developing properly. The examination will include also checking for any mouth injuries, cavities, or other underlying issues.

Your Tacoma Family Dentist will take the time to clean your child’s teeth, while providing tips and helpful instructions for daily oral care. By the time you leave the office, you should feel confident about how to care for your child’s teeth as they continue to develop.

Quick Tips for Great First Dental Visit

 Here are several tips that can help ease the overall process:

  • -You should give your child a light meal before the appointment, and make sure to brush their teeth afterwards.
  • -Leave the snacks until after the appointment so they won’t be stuck on their teeth.
  • -Consider scheduling a morning appointment when your child is well rested and cooperative.
  • -Make the visit enjoyable through teaching good oral hygiene habits from a young age. Teaching good oral habits early on will lead to a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Schedule an Appointment at Your Tacoma Family Dentistry

At Plancich Dental, we offer the full spectrum of dental care in a comfortable environment designed to put our patients at ease—even our youngest ones. As a family-owned and operated dental clinic, we understand how important your child’s first dental appointment is. It’s the first step in building healthy oral hygiene habits in a child’s life.

If you would like any additional information on pediatric dentistry, contact our Tacoma family dentist today. Our dedicated team at Plancich Dental is here answer any questions you may have and ensure a great first visit for you and your family.