Most people find going to the dentist intimidating enough when they have a good relationship with their current dentist. Intimidation can turn into real fear real fast when it comes to trusting a new dentist. Without past positive dental experiences to draw from, it can be really difficult to figure out how to choose your new dentist. That’s why we’re offering up some tips to help you find a new dentist.

Check With Your State Dental Board

Each state has a dental board that is responsible for keeping track of each dental professional in that state. These dental boards track complaints or professional violations from concerned clients, in order to keep all dental professionals accountable. This is a great first step for vetting dentists. 

Cast a Wide Net

In most urban or suburban areas, there are a variety of choices for dental health professionals and making a choice can be overwhelming. The American Dental Association provides a great Find-A-Dentist tool to help you find the dental assistance you’re looking for in your area. 

Have an Initial Interview With Your Dentist

You can read all of the online reviews and about pages you want, but the only true way to find a dentist is to sit down and talk to them. Doing so will allow you to gain an understanding of the person behind the dentist’s mask and give you an idea of their values and philosophy towards dental health. It’s also a great way to build trust and rapport with someone you’ve never met. 

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