Patient Experience

At Plancich Dental, we focus on excellence in all areas of the patient experience. We combine an advanced technical approach to patient care with the utmost in comfort and attention. With microscope enhanced dentistry, our approach to comprehensive care revolves around our patient relationships. We do not treat just teeth, we focus on the entire person. Rather than focusing on a single problem, we look at the big picture and how it affects your overall health, smile, and comfort.

Office Tour

Our team will take great pride in developing a plan for life-long dental health. We educate our patients in order to involve them in the decision making process and will present multiple treatment options for your approval.

The Excellent Patient Experience includes comprehensive exams and regularly scheduled cleanings with a focus on prevention and education. In addition to your teeth and gums, we examine your jaw joints, review your overall medical history, and screen for cancers of the mouth, head, and neck. All examination procedure will utilize the latest imaging and diagnostic technology. We will also teach you how to maintain your dental health between visits. Call or visit your Best Tacoma dentist today!