Family Education

Parents or caregivers are a child’s first teacher in life and play an important role in maintaining his or her overall health. At Plancich Dental, we understand that your attitude towards dental care can have a major impact on your child as they grow up and develop their own dental habits. Maintaining a good dental care routine at home is essential for healthy gums and teeth, as well as preventing oral health problems from occurring in the future. We are committed to empowering families to make smart choices when it comes to their oral health. We take great pride in being a family dentist in Tacoma, as well as serving as an educational resource for families.


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New Year, New Smile: Your Family’s Dental Health Resolutions

2017 is almost upon us! Many of us make New Year resolutions to help get back on track towards goals or commitments that we have neglected throughout the previous year.  The new year provides a great time for you and your family to make resolutions towards improving your oral hygiene routine. As a Tacoma family dentistry,… Read more »

Santa Clause flier to Plancich Dental

Santa Clause is Coming to Plancich Dental

Thank you note and heart for Dr. Gregory Plancich

A Thank You Note from a Young Patient

One of our young dental patients drew a beautiful piece of art for our Tacoma family dentist Dr. Gregory Plancich. Visiting the dentist can be a stressful experience for many children (and their parents!) We love seeing children be excited for their appointment at Plancich Dental and strive to provide the best dental experience for… Read more »

Plancich Dental’s Guide to Infant and Young Toddler Dental Care

At Plancich Dental, we specialize in holistic family dentistry in Tacoma and the surrounding Pierce County. This means that we offer cosmetic, reconstructive, implants, and dental services for the whole family through all ages – even for the youngest members! While baby teeth may be temporary, they play an important role in the development of… Read more »

Your Child’s First Visit to Tacoma’s Plancich Dental

There are many important milestones your child will achieve as they grow up – their first steps, their first words, and their first trip to the dentist. A child’s first experience with the dentist can affect his or her attitude towards oral hygiene and their behavior at future dental appointments. At Plancich Dental, our friendly… Read more »