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Periodontal disease, or gum disease—such as gingivitis—is a common condition among dental patients. Depending on the level of disease, the gum line may recess, exposing the tooth roots. One way of repairing the receding gum tissue is to perform a gum graft procedure. If you’re in need of a gum graft treatment, you couldn’t be in better hands than with Plancich Dental and Lakes Dentistry.

What Is a Gum Graft?

Gum grafting is a very normal part of dentistry. Similar to a bone graft, a gum graft takes healthy gum tissue from the patient’s mouth and uses it to cover the exposed root. A periodontist may take a piece of connective tissue from the roof of the mouth and replace it at the gum line to restore the gums. Some grafts may be taken from the surrounding teeth.

Although it may sound like a complicated procedure, it’s a regular periodontal treatment that periodontists perform every day. Maintaining healthy gums is an integral part of a person’s dental care. With gum grafting, a patient’s oral health is improved, helping to reduce the risk of tooth decay and bone loss.

We Offer Gum Graft Treatments in Tacoma and Lakewood

We have skilled doctors at both of our conveniently located dental offices in Tacoma and Lakewood, Washington. If you think you might benefit from a gum graft treatment, we encourage you to request an appointment with us. We’re located in Old Town (Tacoma) and Lakewood Town Center (Lakewood).

What Are the Benefits of Gum Graft Treatment?

Here are a just a few benefits you can expect from a gum graft:

  • Decreased tooth sensitivity
  • Healthier-looking smile
  • Helps prevent tooth loss and bone loss
  • Reduced risk of cavities
  • Reduced risk of gum disease

What Are the Risks of Gum Graft Treatment?

Gum grafts are a safe and routine part of dental care, but there are some possible—however unlikely—risks:

  • Infection
  • Excessive bleeding of the gums
  • Rejection, or failure, of the gum graft

If you decide that a gum graft is the right treatment for you, rest assured that our doctors are experts in their field. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Can Any Tacoma-Based Dentist Perform a Gum Graft?

No; a gum graft must be performed by a periodontist, or a dentist who specializes in diagnosing and treating gum disease. All periodontists are dentists, but not all dentists are periodontists. Thankfully, the dentists at Plancich Dental and Lakes Dentistry are periodontists, as well.

Can Gum Disease Be Treated wWithout a Gum Graft?

Sometimes a soft tissue graft procedure is a necessary part of a patient’s treatment plan. But preventative measures are often the most effective! To prevent problems like gum recession, or even tooth extraction, we recommend an oral health routine that includes:

  • Flossing once daily
  • Brushing twice daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Regular appointments with your dentist

How Do I Start?

Getting started with us is simple. Just request an appointment, and a scheduling coordinator will be in touch with you. Or you can call us at 253-272-7400.

Think you might need a gum graft? You’re not alone. And you couldn’t make a better choice than Plancich Dental and Lakes Dentistry. We’re dedicated to providing integrated dentistry for the whole family. With us, you can confidently care for your oral health and love your smile.

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